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Premium Professional Web Hosting Service

MirageCommander-Premium Professional Web Hosting Services Provider is trusted by over 21,000 customers and host 53,000+ domains.

Our Best Valued Plan only $4.95/month
-15 GB Data Space
-300 GB Monthly Traffic
-3 Domains Hosted
-100 E-mail Accounts
-20 FTP Accounts
-20 MySQL DBs

Free over $1,000 Bonuses:
-Marketing and Administration Tools
-500+ templates ($1000)
-Free 2checkout Merchant Account

Why you need website with MirageCommander?
-Represents your personal profile
-Spreads your voice across the world
-Lets you be in touch with people at a distance
-Broadens disabled people's interaction with the world
-Creates a web skill development environment
-Makes extra profit for you with minimum investment on your part
-Makes you a member of the biggest community of the world
-Increased customers' convenience
-Greater accessibility to your business profile
-Greater opportunities for promoting your business portfolio
-Low-cost efficient advertising
-Around-the-clock availability
-It saves time and saves money

Our Service Guarantees!
-No Set-up Fee
-Instant Account Activation
-Multi-lingual Control Panel
-Site Management Tools
-Full-featured E-mail Services
-Website Statistics
-99% Service Uptime Guarantee
-Daily Data Back-up
-Online Documentation
-24/7 Customer Support
-1-Hour Support Response Time
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Why us?
-Solid Background in the Web Hosting Industry
-Trustworthy Partners
-A Complete Solution for Your Successful Online Presence
-Competitive Prices
-Full-Time Involvement with Customers' Online Demands
-Reliable and High Speed Server Network
-Reliable Semi-Cluster Technology for Maximum Online Stability
-Multi-Language Control Panel of our Own Development and Design
-Plenty of Useful Charge-free Features
-Multiple Web Site (Domain) Hosting
-Possibility to Upgrade your Package to a More Advanced Set-Up
-Unquestionable 30-day-Money-Back Guarantee

You will enjoy all the benefits of our state-of-the-art data centers, located on 2 continents (with total over 12.5Gigs Internet connectivity):
- HostCentric, located in California, USA (exceeds 2.5 Gigs Internet connectivity)
- BlueSquare, located in Berkshire, UK (10Gig Internet connectivity)

Our Server Hardware:
-Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz Quad Core
-2x750 GB SATA II Seagate
-Gigabit network card
-Debian Linux Operating System

Visit us today at http://www.hyjl.us

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