2008. május 6., kedd

EVE Online Speedlinking for May 5th, 2008

The last week was crazy busy with real life. With the Montreal Canadiens being eliminated by the Philadelphia Flyers last Saturday, I'll now have more time for gaming, EVE and blogging! So here' s the items that caught my attention this past week.

* EVE Fitting Tool - We talked about it in The Drone Bay Podcast #9 (soon to be released)
* Reflection on the state of the economy - Part II! - from CSM candidate, La Vista Vista
* The Hiding of Treasure... - Van Hemlock's great piece on game design and keeping the game excited
* Documentary: History of Video Games - Thanks Xyliana for this video!
* On MMO longevity and MMO second versions - EVE for the next
* EON Magazine now has an EON Facebook group - Join us!
* PvP Communication - Phillip "Crovan" Manning's 2nd piece over at Massively.com
* EVE Newbie video - Here's a funny video of someone who really doesn't get EVE
* The Ancient Gaming Noob gets an offer from Goonswarn in "The proposition"
* The Cookie Monster Economy and "Guild Socialism" - via Terra Nova

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