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Fallen Earth: Skills Update

Fallen Earth's lead designer, Lee Hammock, delivered this week an up-to-date skill sets list, covering the Active Skills, Tradeskills, Mutation Paths and the Faction Specialties. Hammock also noted that the team is finishing four major areas in addition to raids and vehicles in preparation for some polish work next week:

As promised last week, I'm going to go through some of the older information and note things that have changed, starting this week with skills. Things have shifted around a bit, mainly with some skills being removed or their purposes switched.

For those who are keeping up on the weekly goings on in the office, this week we're finishing up Boneclaw, Sunshine Corners, Terance, Kingman Prison, and South Burb, in addition to some work on raids, vehicles, etc. Next week is a polish week so we're working on making everything run a bit more smoothly as opposed to implementing more content.


Currently FE has three categories of skills: Active skills, Tradeskills, and Mutation Paths.

Active Skills

These are skills that are involved in normal, non-mutation based combat, using items, and interacting with the environment. All players have some rating in all the active skills. Active skills start out equal to .75 of one attribute and .25 of a second attribute. For example, a character's base Melee is equal to .75 of their Strength and .25 of their Coordination. Active skills are raised at a cost of 1 AP per point up to double the base value of the skill.

- Animal Training: Allows for the training of horses currently, but other functionality will be added later. Animal Training is based on .75 Charisma and .25 Perception.

- Armor Use: Allows the character to learn defensive special abilities, use a wider selection of armor, and is factored into determining how effective a character's armor is when the character is damaged. Armor Use is based on .75 Strength and .25 Endurance.

- Athletics: Allows the character to learn a variety of self-buff effects, such as increasing movement rates or hit point recovery. Athletics is based on .75 Endurance and .25 Coordination.

- Dodge: When a character is attacked in ranged combat, the target's Dodge skill is compared to the attacker's Rifle or Pistol to determine critical hit chance, damage bonuses, etc. Dodge is determined by .75 Coordination and .25 Perception.

- First Aid: Allows the character to use a number of healing items and special abilities, such as recovering Health over time, restoring Stamina, or removing poison and disease effects. First Aid is based on .75 Intelligence and .25 Perception.

- Group Tactics: Allows the character to use a number of group buffs. Group Tactics is based on .75 Charisma and .25 Perception.

- Melee: Determines effectiveness of melee combat, including chance of critical hits, weapon selection, and special attacks. Melee is based on .75 Strength and .25 Coordination. Melee has a subskill called Melee Defense which is equal to a character's Melee, but may be modified separately by effects, items, etc. When a character is attacked, the character's Melee Defense is compared to the attacker's Melee to determine the chance of critical hit, any damage bonus, etc.

- Pistol: Determines effectiveness of pistols in combat, including chance of critical hits, weapon selection, and special attacks. Pistol is based on .75 Dexterity and .25 Perception. Pistols don't have the range of rifles, but can be used in close combat without penalty.

- Rifle: Determines effectiveness of rifles in combat, including chance of critical hits, weapon selection, and special attacks. Rifle is based on .75 Dexerity and .25 Perception. Rifles have the longest range but characters suffer a penalty to Melee Defense while wielding a rifle.

- Stealth: Determines character's ability to avoid detection via noise and learn a number of effects and special attacks, including the ability to alter your faction ratings (and reveal those alterations in others). Stealth is based on .75 Coordination and .25 Perception.


These skills allow players to craft items by learning instructions (our new term replacing "recipes"), collecting the appropriate tool kits and components, and spending the required time to make the item. Characters can learn as many tradeskill as they want. All Tradeskills are based on .75 Intelligence and .25 Perception. Tradeskills are raised through use, up to double the base value of the skill.

- Armorcraft: Covers the making of armor and clothes.

- Ballistics: Covers the creation of rifles and pistols, from zip guns and crossbows to sub-machine guns and assault rifles.

- Cooking: Covers the preparation of food, which can provide a number of recovery-oriented buffs.

- Geology: Allows the player to harvest minerals from mining nodes and to refine metals into higher-grade components.

- Medicine: Covers the creation of all manner of medical equipment.

- Mutagenics (formerly Genetics): Covers the creation of mutation injectors and other devices that support the use of mutations, such as gamma restorers.

- Nature: Allows the character to harvest components from animals and plants in addition to producing some items and refine some components.

- Scavenging: Allows the character to harvest scavenging nodes, which can yield a wide variety of items.

- Science: Covers the creation of chemical boosters, special optics, and similarly advanced items. Also allows the refinement of some components.

- Weaponry: Covers the creation of melee weapons.

You may notice the Teaching skill is no longer included. The functionality still exists, but is contained within in each skill instead of a separate skill. So if you learn an advanced Armorcraft knowledge, you can make a book that can teach it to someone else.

Mutation Paths

Each mutation path covers a specific type of mutation and allows the player to learn special abilities within that mutation. Mutation paths are raised with APs, with each AP raising the mutation path 1 point, up to double the base value of the skill.

- Alpha Mutation: Fairly low-power mutations possessed by all characters as part of the cloning process. They provide some basic buffs, recovery abilities, and speed modifiers.

- Empathic: The character can alter the bodies of others, allowing a limited ability to heal or harm others. Empathic is primarily a healing and buffing mutation. Empathic is based on .75 Endurance and .25 Willpower.

- Enhancement: The character can nudge the molecular structure and properties of some common items, exaggerating the already present chemical properties of an item. Enhancement is primarily a crowd-control and damage mutation. Enhancement is based on .75 Intelligence and .25 Willpower.

- Nano-Manipulation: The character can control some of the nanites left on their bodies from the regeneration process, allowing them to increase their own abilities. Nano-Manipulation is primarily a self-buff mutation with a few attack abilities. Nano-Manipulation is based on .75 Intelligence and .25 Willpower.

- Patho-Transmission: The character is a walking plague carrier, and can use these infections to attack others. Patho-Transmission is primarily a debuff and damage-over-time mutation. Patho-Transmission is based on .75 Endurance and .25 Willpower.

- Primal: The character has developed genetic traits he can use to increase his strength, speed, etc. Primal is primarily a self-buff mutation path. Primal is based on .75 Strength and .25 Willpower.

- Sonic Manipulation: The character can control sound waves, reducing or increasing sound. Sonic Manipulation has many facets including buffs, crowd control, and damage abilities, but is not as focused as other mutation paths. Sonic Manipulation is based on .75 Perception and .25 Willpower.

- Suppression: Suppression allows a character to drain gamma energy from other mutations, remove mutation buffs, and increase his own resistance to mutations. Suppression is based on .75 Perception and .25 Willpower.

- Telekinesis: The character can move objects with his mind. Telekinesis is primarily a damage and crowd-control mutation. Telekinesis is based on .75 Intelligence and .25 Willpower.

- Telepathy: The character can affect the minds of others, such as distracting opponents or making himself seem more likable. Telepathy is primarily a crowd-control and self-buffing mutation. Telepathy is based on .75 Charisma and .25 Willpower.

- Thermal Manipulation: The player can control the movement of molecules, increasing or decreasing heat in an area. Thermal Manipulation is primarily a damage, damage-over-time, and self-buff mutation. Thermal Manipulation is based on .75 Perception and .25 Willpower. Faction Skill Specialties

Each faction has nine skills they excel at and ten skills they are average at. To learn skills besides these nineteen skills, faction members must seek out instructors from allied factions or neutral instructors. You'll notice Scavenging isn't on any of these lists; it has no instructions or special abilities associated with it. It only serves to meet requirements for scavenging nodes.


- Primary Skills: Armor Use, Armorcraft, Ballistics, Dodge, First Aid, Group Tactics, Pistols, Rifles, Suppression

- Secondary Skills: Animal Training, Athletics, Empathic, Geology, Medicine, Melee, Nano-Manipulation, Science, Stealth, Weaponry


- Primary Skills: Armorcraft, Ballistics, Enhancement, Mutagenics, Geology, Nano-Manipulation, Pistol, Science, Thermal Manipulation

- Secondary Skills: Armor Use, Dodge, First Aid, Medicine, Rifles, Sonic Manipulation, Suppression, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Weaponry


- Primary Skills: Cooking, Athletics, Dodge, Melee, Pistol, Science, Sonic Manipulation, Stealth, Telepathy

- Secondary Skills: Armor use, Armorcraft, Ballistics, Enhancement, Geology, First Aid, Nano-Manipulation, Nature, Rifle, Weaponry


- Primary Skills: Armor Use, Athletics, Dodge, Melee, Mutagenics, Patho-Transmission, Primal, Thermal Manipulation, Weaponry

- Secondary Skills: Animal Training, Armorcraft, Cooking, Empathic, Nature, Group Tactics, Pistol, Rifle, Stealth, Suppression


- Primary Skills: Animal Training, Athletics, Cooking, Dodge, Nature, Primal, Rifle, Sonic Manipulation, Stealth

- Secondary Skills: Ballistics, Armorcraft, Weaponry, First Aid, Geology, Group Tactics, Medicine, Melee, Pistol, Science


- Primary Skills: Dodge, Empathic, First Aid, Mutagenics, Medicine, Melee, Stealth, Telekinesis, Telepathy

- Secondary Skills: Armorcraft, Athletics, Group Tactics, Nature, Primal, Science, Sonic Manipulation, Suppression, Thermal Manipulation, Weaponry

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